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An open letter from Joanna Perry-Folino

October 23, 2010


I became Associate Producer on the documentary film Leave Them Laughing last spring and since then have been part of an extraordinary team of folks who are devoting their time, energy and talents to keeping Carla Zilbersmith’s amazing spirit alive in a way that only film can. Imagine someone with Lou Gehrig’s disease telling a large audience of folks for the first time that...

“ALS is a deadly and incurable disease, so global warming is your problem – bitches…”

Yep. That was... and is Carla. We have been winning major awards in Canada and the US at film festivals because Carla is hilarious and courageous in the face of what many of us would run from screaming.

You have probably seen posts on Facebook and elsewhere about the film for a few weeks; now I'm asking you once more for a HUGE FAVOR and I am more than aware it is asking something really big of you. We have 20 something days left on Kickstarter to get the 35 grand funded that we desperately need for sound and color post production costs. We simply have run out of money, so we enlisted the help of Kickstarter because we need crowd funding. And most importantly, we need to GO VIRAL if this is going to work.

So PLEASE... can you take a moment to write all your Facebook and other online friends to ask them to each donate 10 dollars? That's all... just 10 dollars... because if we can go viral, 10 dollars each is all it will take to raise this money. And while you are it, visit the link below and donate $10 yourself.

With your help, we can make sure the world really does know the genius that was Carla Zilbersmith for a very long time.


Associate Producer,
Leave Them Laughing

Joanna is currently Associate Producer for Leave Them Laughing by Academy Award winning director John Zaritsky.

The film shows the last years of singer and performer Carla Zilbersmith who is determined to face her death from Lou Gehrig's disease with humor and wisdom.

Leave Them Laughing will have its U.S. premiere at the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival in October 2010. To learn more about this amazing project visit and help fund the project with the link at left.

Leave Them Laughing movie

Watch the YouTube video Carla made for her funeral:


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the silence of bees

the silence of bees

the silence of bees